Allow The Employer's Advantage to review your current retirement plans and provide a free assessment to confirm that you are in compliance and also paying the lowest fees associated with your provider.

We engage in every step of the process, including:

Plan design



Employee education

Vendor evaluation and selection

Chief among the options, 401 (K)  plan accrues interest on which taxes are not paid until fund withdrawal begins, typically in later years when income is lower and thus subject to a lower tax rate. The employer also has the option to match the employee's contribution.

There are also 401 (K) plans that enable fund investment into stocks, bonds, and other types of mutual funds.

The experience and capabilities of our retirement team also extends to profit sharing, defined benefit plans, IA -based plans, Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP) , and traditional pensions.

Other Supplemental Plans Also Include:

24/7 Accident Coverage

Cancer Assist

Critical Illness


Our Services

Dental/Vision Insurance

Does your current plan provide a roll over of unused  benefits? Ours do!

Routine cleanings and regular x rays are the primary step in good dental care , assuring gum health to ward off gingivitis and other periodontal diseases for long - lasting functionality in addition to sustained cosmetic attractiveness.

We are revolutionizing the way businesses provide benefits primarily by having outstanding service and relationships with hundreds of carriers that provide everything your company needs to keep your recruiting strategies strong and robust.


A group that wants no - one caught unaware, claims that of today's 20 - year olds, one in four will become disabled during his/her working life. And accidents, this group claims, will be less prominent than back injuries, heart attacks and cancer, and maybe even arthritis and diabetes.

The council for Disability Awareness also warns that most injuries or illness will be unrelated to work, and therefore not covered by worker's compensation.

A survey by that came out in 2015 found that 62% of Americans have no emergency savings to cover a $1,000 unexpected expense. If they're unable to work due to illness, maternity or injury, within a short period everyday living expenses will drain savings.

The Employer's Advantage can tailor both long term - and short - term disability policies to cover the unique circumstances of individual employees. Our disability packages enable:

* Selection of the benefits period

*Choice of on or off job plans

* Employer paid or Employee paid plans

Life Insurance

Responsible adulthood embeds an obligation to those dependent upon your income, for as long as they need it, regardless of your longevity.

Employers who facilitate effective options of life insurance demonstrate concern for the families of those they employ. Life insurance helps maintain lifestyle in the absence of a breadwinner's paychecks.

Our life policies are tailored to the family situation, adjust with time andchange with circumstances. From marriage, to children, tuition and retirement, we can put your employees into the appropriate policy.

There are also coverage options for employee, spouse and children.

Because The Employer's Advantage brokers for hundreds of carriers, individual employees are provided extensive options they're unlikely to find on their own.

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Supplemental/Voluntary Benefits

This is a benefit you can identify by one of its nicknames.

Medical Bridge. Gap Policy.

In many families, a debilitating illness can be a devastating financial calamity. Hospitalization requires a deductible to be paid and most employees do not have the funds to cover their own, let alone their families deductible.

When illness or injury strike, primary health insurance applies to major medical but dedcutibles, co-pays, upgrade to private hospital room, child care, transportation, lodging,meals and possibly charges associated with contacting loved ones fall into a coverage gap; or have no bridge.

This is why the Employer's Advantage revolutionizes the way you do benefits by providing a broad spectrum of bridge/gap and critical illness/cancer policies.

Employee paid health supplemental coverage helps meet financial obligations whether hospitalization occurs, or there is outpatient or inpatient treatment.

Supplemental coverage is financial safeguard purchased with pre-tax dollars Not only can the supplemental insurance help pay for services outside the scope of primary health insurance, but it can also:

*  Go into effect the first day of a hospital stay, without a deductible or waiting period.

* Cover hospital stays for the same or related condition for up to a year

* Pay reimbursements directly to the policy holder, unless specified otherwise.

When serious illness strikes, providing an antidote to economic distress may allow employees the peace of mind to focus on recovering their health without the compound fear of financial ruin.

Every  50- Employee company is now mandated to provide primary health insurance, but Houston's elite employers assist their employees in bridging the gap.


Health Insurance

From volatility to viability.

That's the journey you'll travel as our agent helps navigate the turbulent waters of today's health insurance marketplace.

The Affordable Care Act comes with more than 20,000 pages of regulatory guidelines. Finding the best options for your situation is a task at which the Employer's Advantage excels, thinking outside of the box - and the box containing these regulations is a massive collection of nuanced do's, don'ts and compliance confusion. 

Welcome to the rescue of overburdened HR departments , providing multiple solutions for your company's group- health challenge. As a starting point, we review what you currently offer, or what you would like to implement.

If you have worked with other providers, you will quickly recognize what sets us apart.  You'll enjoy a savings on your bottom line while enhancing your benefits equity.

The Employer's Advantage is contracted with multiple carriers that we have every option in mixing and matching to fit your needs.

We are your bridge over troubled waters.

We can further revolutionize your benefits packages through one or several selections of our complimentary value added services menu.